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I was wondering if you can do the prompt "tickle" with kasamatsu x reader?

“…Come on, I’m trying to do homework.”

You boyfriend, Kasamatsu, sighs loudly. You ignore him, your hands still patting him down.

“I know you have it, ‘Matsu.” You pout, as you feel around his pants pocket. “Just give me back my candy.”

“Not until I finish my homework. You know you get when you eat candy.” Kasamatsu replies sternly.

You frown. You eat a few pieces of candy, get a little handsy with your boyfriend, he gets a little below usual on an assignment, and suddenly you can’t eat candy until he’s done with his homework.

“You can’t hide it from me.” You say stubbornly. Your hands pinch the sides of his stomach, and you hear a loud bark of laughter from your boyfriend.

Then silence, as Kasamatsu’s face slowly turns red.

You look down at him curiously, and then gently squeeze him again, moving your hands a little. He starts to laugh again, before trying to push your hands off him.

Of course, it’s not that easy. Immediately, you begin to tickle him.

“I—I’ll give you the c—ca—candy!” He says through his raucous laughter.

“Too late, I’ve found something even sweeter~” You beam happily, hugging your boyfriend tightly as you continue to tickle him.

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